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I am THE master of procrastinators. I’m eating a bowl of fruit, now, and on the Internet, blogging just as I please. I have a Midterm Exam, tomorrow. A MAJOR one, at that. One being given by (wait for it) MS. BRENETTE ABRENICA!!! I am screwed. I have a feeling she doesn’t necessarily like me and my not giving the grades that make her swoon will NOT help this sorry state of affairs.

And what am I doing when I should be reading my ASS off, already? Blogging about it, of course.

Master Procrastinator — my new moniker.

I pick a slice of apple from my bowl of fruit I got at the supermarket.

I had a WHOLE day of studying, today. Here’s what I did:

1. woke up to drive akeem to school

2. went back to sleep

3. woke up to call ticketnet about changing our reservation for the american idol concert

4. got turned down

5. went to SM to try to talk to them about the reservation

6. got turned down again

7. bought fake plants coz dad said i should

8. went home for lunch

9. called ticketnet about our reservations, again

10. got turned down, again

11. decided we should just buy the tickets that were reserved for us, never mind that they were at the side

12. went to SM to buy the tickets

13. bought a highlighter and a pen and some shredded corn while waiting for them to process it

14. discovered they couldn’t find my name in the system

15. called ticketnet from my cellphone (*GASP!* surprise, dad) to iron things out

16. they finally found my reservation under my middle name (stupid, stupid girl, using my whole name)

17. they wouldn’t take my credit card, insisted i pay in cash (WTF?! 30000 quid?!?!)

18. called ticketnet with my cellphone AGAIN (kill people at SM)

19. everything got ironed out but not soon enough for Louise (who was with me the WHOLE time) and i to make our dentist appointment

20. left my credit card with SM people

21. sped to the dentist

22. waited for somebody who’d got ahead

23. got my tooth repaired

24. got louise’s braces fixed

25. sped back to SM

26. got my credit card back

27. signed for the tickets

28. stared at the tickets like an idiot

29. drove to jollibee for some drive through chickenjoy (louise) and shanghai rolls (me)

30. went home to eat our awesome rewards for going through HELL at SM

31. watched an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S

32. worked out at Abellana with mom

33. went home for dinner

34. went to Poor Clare monastery

35. said a little prayer for the boyfie

36. zoomed off to Parkmall

37. grocery shopping

38. went home

39. made a bowl of fruit

40. blogging



Adios, toast boilers. 🙂


A LOT has happened since I last posted. I am now in the fourth year of my college experience. i hope to graduate next March, so let’s keep our fingers crossed, people!

It’s the first semester. I have a paper to make on President Aquino’s SONA. I actually already have a topic in mind, I just haven’t found it in myself to start. I know, I procrastinate. It’s just who I am. DEAL.

I started a Lookbook. I hope I can keep it up to date, I am so lazy, as you can tell from this blog. It’s going to be beautiful, though. I finally have a place to put my outfits (weird or otherwise)… to be… IMMORTALIZED.

Because I’m cool like that.

Toast boilers, I should probably just write this critique paper and get some sleep already, shouldn’t I?

It’s the home stretch after all.

Fingers crossed!