Who is THAT?!

Toasters and the Toasted, Boilers and the Boiled… I will be blogging. I will be doing a toaster-load of blogging. As the saying goes:

no man is an island.

Therefore, I shall be talking not only about me (no matter how much I want to) but also about the movers and shakers of the boiledtoast world that have, in their own little ways, added little toasts and boils to my world.

So, in the event that i ramble about somebody and you guys are like,


I shall post herein the pictures of these somebodies that I have chosen worthy of my rambling.

Scroll down, relax, and enjoy these people as I have.



this is KEVIN. Aptly described as "the toast that my boiler boils for".

and this is LOUISE. My ickle sibling of the female persuasion.

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