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The Ramble

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Random Ramblings, Snappy Snapshots
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i feel I’ve been slacking off on blogging duties but I’m thinking I might disappoint my hordes of readers (i have faith and an incredible imagination). So, now, here in the salon with only one hand for typing because I’m getting a manicure, I feel is as good a time as any to exercise my muli-tasking chops and blog. So I am.

I’m getting one of those washable-type cellophane hair treatments at the moment coz I want my hair to be really bright for the intramurals I don’t necessarily– ah, I have my hand back, now– have a part of. I’ve also just gotten a manicure with this gray matte polish that mommy and I bought from Skin Food. It is PRETTY, albeit a little faded and weird, coz I don’t think the concept of MATTE was properly grasped by the manicurist. Needless to say, I have gray fingernails. I am happy. Pictures will get posted as soon as I get some. 😛

I’ve been posting more lookbook shots, I’ve not been keeping it an everyday thing as much as I used to but it’s constant and going as strong as I can expect it to go. I have hypes– although not too many– and I’m happy.

So the midterms week passed by with not so much as a peep from me. I’m thinking I’m better off swearing off blogging during hell week than broadcasting it to the millions of readers and then failing the exams. I’ve not seen a lot of results but from what I HAVE, it’s pretty smooth sailing from here.

I’ve been having problems with my hair recently. It’s falling off. Not as melodramatically as you would think, like coming off in clumps and leaving patches as though I have Alopesia but it’s getting to be more than the normal hundred-strands-a-day shed and it’s sufficient enough to creep me out. My dad’s taking me to a dermatologist to check with the condition of my scalp. I am scared.

On a lighter note, I’ve a lot of nice pictures to entertain you. AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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How was the jump? I’ll bet it was jeeeest fine…

So, intramurals week. The one week we get off from school for sports and whatnot. Ok, I don’t really much care for any real purpose of being but I am hella GRATEFUL I get the week (and more, coz the school can’t fight national holidays like the Araw Ng Kagitingan and the End of Ramadan) off. I don’t want to seem insensitive to the people that actually have SOMETHING relevant to do on the said holidays but it’s not a crime to be happy for days off. So there.

I’m just boiking toast any which way I feel. 😀


A Hairy Situation

Posted: August 7, 2011 in Random Ramblings

I’ve decided to make the foreign-language titles fewer and far-between. Somebody might think I actually spoke the language. Then I’d be screwed.

I’m clever. 😉

I’m actually at the salon, having my hair colored red again. God knows I was born for this. 😛

I think it’s a classy shade, not some weird kind of dead one. I am thinking of lowlights to sort of give it a little texture.

Let’s talk about hair.

I don’t understand mine. Well, I used to. it used to be just one big curly-type business, not much else, maybe except for it being red. it was beautiful.

But then I went and spoiled it by straightening it out and cutting it. it’s really one big complicated mess, now. The natural curl’s coming in and the straight part is at the tips yet my hair is kind of too short to just cut the tips away. It’s really annoying.

This is why I always keep my hair up in a bun. It’s simple, it’s clean, it’s low-maintenance.

One day, I’m gonna get sick of all of this and just have my hair cut into Halle Berry’s pixie and be done with it.

Maybe when I, like KC says, grow my own balls.

It’s all just normal in the life of a toast boiler, I guess. 😀

I had my hair cut!

I’ve been meaning to have it done for THE longest time and I FINALLY got around to doing it. I haven’t had short hair in a long time.

And I love it!

I’ll be posting pictures soon.

I feel so much more beautiful right now. 😀