A Hairy Situation

Posted: August 7, 2011 in Random Ramblings

I’ve decided to make the foreign-language titles fewer and far-between. Somebody might think I actually spoke the language. Then I’d be screwed.

I’m clever. 😉

I’m actually at the salon, having my hair colored red again. God knows I was born for this. 😛

I think it’s a classy shade, not some weird kind of dead one. I am thinking of lowlights to sort of give it a little texture.

Let’s talk about hair.

I don’t understand mine. Well, I used to. it used to be just one big curly-type business, not much else, maybe except for it being red. it was beautiful.

But then I went and spoiled it by straightening it out and cutting it. it’s really one big complicated mess, now. The natural curl’s coming in and the straight part is at the tips yet my hair is kind of too short to just cut the tips away. It’s really annoying.

This is why I always keep my hair up in a bun. It’s simple, it’s clean, it’s low-maintenance.

One day, I’m gonna get sick of all of this and just have my hair cut into Halle Berry’s pixie and be done with it.

Maybe when I, like KC says, grow my own balls.

It’s all just normal in the life of a toast boiler, I guess. 😀


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