Una Adicción

Posted: August 6, 2011 in Fashion Fandangoes, Happy Harpings, Snappy Snapshots

Ok, so we had a little dance practice this morning so I’m feeling energized and sexy, today. The steak I had for lunch at Pancake House is giving me a bit of a gut, though. I really don’t care.

I feel beautiful, today.

This is why I’m whipping out my high heels. 😀

I’m literally waiting for the waiting time for posting another new look to end. I have a new look! Can you believe it?

I’m addicted to fashion.

I always have been, it’s just that I’ve found a place in which it can manifest itself.

Well, ain’t that just dandy?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Toast can be dandy… When it’s boiled. 😉


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