DIY-ing to DEATH

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Random Ramblings
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I’ve been known once in a while to show my creative side through stuff I wear, things I make, and whatever else i can get these grubby little paws on.

That being said, while checking out the blogs I follow on bloglovin, I saw this righteous DIY project that I’m SOOOOO ready to jump into. They were posted on the because im addicted blog (click here to see some awesome blog posts!)

So, THIS is what I want to do: WOVEN CHAINS! (found here and here)

When I accomplish this, you guys will be THE FIRST to see what I’m sure will be fantastic DIY bracelets…

Bring it on… 😉

  1. Mars says:

    Air, I wanna make my own woven chains, too!! I have always wanted to “DIY” stuff, and the woven chains are just perfect frigginlicious!

  2. Mars says:

    Oh my fart! Why is that thumbnail of my fat face showing? I’m going to kill Gravatar.

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